Friday, 13 July 2007

Corresponding with CD Muckosky

I can't believe I just got two email letters from CD Muckosky!! She is my scrap idol and I love how she creates small little drawings on her LOs and how she paints all over them. I'm still too scared to do that.

Anyway, I posted two new LOs at twopeas and she was the first one who left comments on both of them! So you can just imagine how high I was! I emailed her this, and this is what she emailed me back. She is such a sweet and down to earth person. Really worth admiring.

Hi C.D. I can't beleive it was you who left a sweet comment on my two recent LOs. You are my idol! Love your work so much. I'm not good with drawing though so I can't do what you do sooooo well. I'm writing you from the Philippines so it's 1:02 a.m. here. You just made my night... and my morning :) Have a good day!

wow, now you made my day! ( noon here)
this is such a nice email, thank-you so much for the smile today
you really have amazing talent, I think you are gonna go places girl!
stay inspired, it truly shines in your work. I LOVED your whole gallery so much I added the whole thing to my book of scraps so I can check back again next visit to 2 peas and get lost in the scrapping goodness!a real treat to "find" you today.
HUGS to you my new friend!

MY 2ND EMAIL (Kasalukuyang hanggang tenga ang ngiti):
Oh my goodness I am saving this email FOR LIFE!!! haha. Not every day that you get an email from a celebrity. :) Are you used to it yet? :) Thank you for your kind words, will keep that in mind next time I feel like giving up on sending to magazines. :) I've sent tons!!! Only Memory Makers took notice. Still working on scrapbooks etc and Creating Keepsakes. You are so well loved C.D. You have a huge following. Congratulations. Well deserved. I'll be looking forward to your book in the near future... and your paper line too :)

CD's 2nd Reply:
oh please don't ever give up! wanna know something? when I won SOY I had never had a page picked up by sending in to calls at CK, I had been trying for almost a year. Scrapbook Trends seemed to be a good starting place for me (easier to
get into)and making memories noticed me in there and asked me to do a book with them. That was only just a small part of MY never know what is in store for you, you've just got to follow your dreams and enjoy the journey. Every day is a gift right?! when you do this because it is your passion and you create with your heart for all of the right reasons ( which it looks like you do) it shines in your a bit of your heart right there on the page.

take care girl, glad to know you :)

oh p.s.
not used to being called a "celebrity" at all LOL! I'm still just a girl in her husbands comfy sweats and an orange crush tee feeding her kids cheerios on a rainy day :)

- Told you she was great! I love what she said about following our dreams and about scrapping for the right reasons. I agree with her. Sometimes the pressure of trying to keep up with the trend, and with the work of all the great scrappers takes the fun out of scrapping. Thing is, we started this as a hobby... so it SHOULD BE FUN! And we should enjoy it.


Cathy said...

You are going places Iris, that's for sure. Keep up the good hard work!!!

Amanda L. said...

How awesome Iris!!

janujennifer said...

felt the same way when valerie salmon chatted with me! i even captured the screen so i could cherish the chat forever! =)

Sheryl E. Martinez said...

"Thing is, we started this as a hobby... so it SHOULD BE FUN! And we should enjoy it."

Couldn't agree with you more, Iris. Couldn't agree more. :-)

Keep it up. And yes, CD is right, you're going to go places.:-)

Anonymous said...

how exciting Iris!! so galing you were recognized by CD! i totally agree that you will go places -- seriously, your work is amazing! just like CD, Ali Edwards, Elsie Flannigan have their own distinct styles, so do you!

Anna Zalamea said...

oops Iris! i pressed the wrong radio button - that anonymous comment was from me! sorry!

Au Lim said...

OMG! from one scrap goddess to another! susme! how cool is that. and yes, you belong in that league, sis! basta wag mo kakalimutan ha, ako presidente ng fan club mo! :-D