Thursday, 28 June 2007

Ria's Good News!

Ria sent me a text message this morning telling me that we both won in Scenic Route's monthly challenge! WOW! This is getting to be addicting. My entry for last month's "Arrows Challenge" also won and they were pretty generous with the prize pack (Laurel and Rockland Papers). This time we will be getting the background collection plus other goodies. This LO was a gift for Sahrie. This is a picture of her son Luke playing at the playground during the scrapbooking event of scrapbukan with Mary Grace Abuzman. Photo courtesy of Jeff Lopez

This layout of Bry and Nicole won in Cropadict's "My Guy" challenge. They said, I'll be getting a prize, but the moderators are on holiday so I don't know yet what prize it will be :)

Wednesday, 27 June 2007


I finally received the "big news" from scraplovers.
I made it!! I am soooo happy and soooo thankful. This has been one of my goals.. to get in a Design Team in an international site. I can't believe my goals and dreams are slowly being realized. The past two months of the contest has been tough for me. The challenges were difficult and I had to do things I have never tried before (LO with no patterned paper, totally b&W layout, LO on glass etc.). I just have to thank all my scrapping friends for the support and the inspiration. Oh btw, special mention to scrappinmoms... the glass I used for my final entry was the glass from their shadow box!! hehe:)A big thanks also to Sahrie ( who has always been supportive of us and for allowing us to try out at other sites. Thank you Sahrie!

Sunday, 24 June 2007

Three Wishes

This is my sample LO for scrapbukan's "Three" challenge. Used the MME Signature Suite here, plus Prima and Fancy Pants chipboard, and Maya Road ribbon. I love this pic of Nicole. This was taken at Camp John Hay a week ago. If you look closely at the pic you will see a string of colorful images. It's actually a Winnie The Pooh keychain. Looks like she wanted to decorate the plant with it :)


This is a layout I did for I played with the Love Elsie papers and I have to admit it was so different from all my other pages. But it was fun to create something so different. Maybe Nicole will like pages like these when she grows up.

I made a lot of mistakes here. Stamping on bazzil bling cardstock does not work. I mean the ink is not absorbed well. I should have used stazon. So I covered them up with ribbons and paper.

This is a picture of her taking a picture of me... takig a picture of her!! haha

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Nicole in Baguio

We just came back from a very short vacation in Baguio. Total bonding with Nicole and Bry. Here are a few of my favorite shots of Nicole which I took in Camp John Hay and from our room at The Manor.

Monday, 18 June 2007

I've been Tagged!

Well I've been tagged by Amanda....never been tagged before so here goes....
Here's the rules: I must post the rules, 7 random things about me and then tag others to do the same. Sound fair enough, right? These are the rules…. each player starts with 7 random facts about themselves on their Blog. People who are tagged need to blog 7 facts about themselves and post the rules as well. At the end of their blog list 7 people you are tagging. Let them know that they are tagged by leaving them a comment.

1. I was a music student in UP Diliman majoring in Piano Performance.... I don't play anymore.
2. I am a partner in an events management business which through God's grace has been running smoothly for six years now.
3. I can eat COLD spaghetti
4. I'm a gym addict and a Nike outfit addict as well.
5. I set aside a budget for my daughter's clothes so I can match it with the paper that I have.
6. My mom loves me so much she allowed me to take over the dining room and convert it to my scrap area (If you guys have a glass mat for your cutting, I have the whole glass of the dining table for that hehe....I know, poor Mom).
7. I always forget things, whenever our family has an outing, my husband's usual question when we get to our destination is "So what did you forget this time?"

Ok, so now, I'll tag : Cathy, Lesley, Au, Nita, Nina, Roslyn, Jenn

Friday, 15 June 2007

Round 6 of "So You Think You Can Scrap" contest at scraplovers

This is the final round of the contest before the Finalist round. I hope I make it to the finalist round! The challenge for this round is to "Show off your style", and this is what I sent in.

I enjoyed creating this layout. I try to do different styles but I am most comfortable and happy with lots of hand cutting, layering of paper, contrast in color, fabric and fibers, metal embelishments, and just simply having a lot going on in a page. So I guess my style is shabby chic/ romantic but leaning towards the colors of Boho chic. The only other thing I was not able to do here was use ink, paint, and stamps.

Hmmmmm hope this is ok, wanted to make another one but I don't have time. I'll be going to Baguio on Sunday with the family yippee!!

Monday, 11 June 2007

Proudly Designing For WWW.SCRAPBUKAN.COM

Im proud to be part of the design team of, an on-line scrapbooking site here in The Philippines. These are my co-designers Pia and Ria. I'm honored to be in the company of these two talented scrappers. We did a demo here for the "All About Scrapbooking" event in Glorietta.

Sunday, 10 June 2007

Round 5 in SYTYCS contest

I'm in round 5 now. One more to go plus the finalist round if I make it through this one and the next.

The challenge for round five is to create a layout from among the dance and musical posters they have selected for us to choose from.

This is the poster I chose (Stomp The Yard):

And this is my interpretation:

"Drums" Layout in Creativescrapshack Homepage

I try to post LOs in online galleries to hopefully win a prize or if God permits, be noticed by a manufacturer. This layout appeared in the home page of creativescrapshack. It was voted as layout of the day. At the end of the week, all layouts chosen as layout of the day are voted on by the members and the layout that receives the most number of votes appears on the home page. Thanks to all who voted!
This layout is very special to me because it will help me remember Nicole's drum beat. I notated it at the lower rigt hand tag. She is only two but a performer already.:) I am just so proud of her.

Scrapbook Memories Magazine

I sent in a few pages to the page call of Scrapbook Memories. After only a day, I received an email from Krys Yealland:

Hi Iris,

Thank you for submitting your page to Scrapbooking Memories. Your layout is lovely and we would be thrilled to consider Enjoy the journey for our DECORATIVE EDGES gallery.

*Please send as high res pic (1mb) - size approx 11cm x 11cm - many thanks, Krys :o)
Thank you for submitting your page to Scrapbooking Memories. Your layout is lovely and we would be thrilled to consider Lady Like for the FINAL ENCORE gallery. The Final Encore gallery is compiled of pages that are non-theme specific but demonstrate a fabulous balance of design principles and new ideas.

Thank you for submitting your page to Scrapbooking Memories. Your layout is lovely and we would be thrilled to consider Memories to Treasure for our DECORATIVE EDGES gallery.

So I'll be sending my layouts to Australia and I hope it gets there safe and sound. I also hope that I get it back in the same condition as I have sent it.:) Compensation is $20 per page. So that is $60 in scrap shopping money! yipee!


Another yahooooo for me, Daisy D's this time!

Wow, I can't believe it, one of my layouts for Daisy D's won 1st place! My good friend Ria won the grand prize and she got $100, I got $50 and I am soooo happy.

This is Heather's email:

Iris Uy -
Thank you for participating in our May Motherhood contest. You have been selected as our First Place Winner, congratulations! Please accept this Gift Certificate on behalf of the Daisy D's Paper Retail management. We hope you are able to find some great products to help you make your memories last.

"Always My Child" Wins in Scenic Route Monthly Contest

God is so so good! After winning in the scraplover's contest, I read about a contest at Scenic Route in which they were looking for layouts which has their new product "arrows". My layout fit into that category perfectly because I used all Scenic Route papers and I also used an arrow. So I sent it in and I just hoped for the best. On May 29, I received a text message from my scrapper friend Ria Mojica congratulating me on winning the challenge and when I opened my email this is what greeted me:

Congratulations ladies! You've been selected as the winners for this month's Scenic Route Monthly Product Challenge.

We loved what you did with our arrows - it's great to see the fun, different ways that artists use our products!

The winners have been announced here -

"Always My Child" Wins Yhe Becky Fleck Page Map Contest!

I am not particularly into following sketches. My friends know this to be true. In fact while attending a class by celebrity scrapper Mary Grace Abuzman here which was hosted by scrapbukan. com (of which I am a proud design team member), I was dubbed as the most "pasaway". That's because I could not be satisfied with following instructions and just had to add a thing or two to make it my own. Anyway, it was National Scrapbooking Day and scraplovers had a few contests. I decided to join this one and I won!!! I'm so so happy.

SuperStar Layout in twopeas newsletter

I am new to this blog thing and I am just posting things right now more for myself than for the public. I want to remember special moments in my life which includes my favorite hobby - scrapbooking, and since I have no time to scrap those memorable and little accomplishments of mine in scrapbooking, I decided to just post them here. I go as I remember events so the posts may not be chronological for now. Anyway, A scrapper friend of mine, Au, posted an email in the Scrapbooks-exchange that my layout "superstar" is on the two peas newsletter. I could not believe it. I don't get to receive their newsletters for some reason and so you can just imagine my surprise at this announcement. And true to her word, the layout was indeed there in the April 2007 newsletter!

Here is what Kristina White wrote:

Inspiring Projects and the PeaNuts Behind Them

Over the weekend I was browsing through the hundreds of new layouts posted to the PeaNut Gallery, thinking about the current theme for our design team in the Creating Garden "Using Multiple Photos." There were so many great examples that fit perfectly into that theme that I wanted to highlight just a few.
If you haven't done it recently, take tour through the PeaNut Gallery and discover for yourself the inspiring projects there and the members behind them.

This layout by iris_sparkup caught my eye, first because of the glittery elements, and then I was taken by the way she used multiple variation photos (from the same photo shoot) around the edge to further promote her title, the message of her layout: Superstar.

Again, I can't post the layout here because it is out for publicaion but here is the link to the newsletter:


I am finally going to be published!! Yahooo! This has been my dream for so long and I almost made it last time for a Memory Makers Book where they chose three of my layouts, only to find out later on that the layouts should be never before seen pages. And that includes layouts posted on sites. I was dissapointed then but I knew that it was just not meant to be. After a few months, I received an email from Holly Davis, editor of Memory Makers Magazine and here it is:

Congratulations! Your layout, “Boyfriend,” has been selected to appear in the October 2007 issue of Memory Makers. Please go to and print off a contract for each page called in as well as a photo/model release for each person shown in your photograph(s).

I thought that was it, but then there were more emails from her that day, asking for more pages. In total she asked me to send in FIVE of my pages!!! I am sooooo thrilled!

The layouts for publication in the October special issue of Memory Makers are:
1. Boyfriend
2. Hands That Pray
3. Reflect (Beauty, Honor, and Truth)
4. Reflect (Touch of A Child's Hand)
5. Superstar

These pages were on twopeas as well as my website but I had to remove them first and will just put them back in once the magazine is out.
Compensation is $50 per page so that's $250 in scrap shopping money! wohohooo! Or better yet, I'll use it to pay off my scrapbook related bills. :( This is getting way too expensive and I have to find means to cut on expenses here.

Thank you God! God is so good.

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Nicole's Pages

Nicole just shines! Here she is in a boutique looking and touching the earings for sale and acting as if she is ready to buy a pair for herself.

This is a favorite of mine. This is how my sweet daughter laughs... she covers her mouth!

This picture was taken with my Canon 350D while we were inside the car along south super hi-way. Turned off the flash and I used my zoom lens. Just experimenting here, but I loved the outcome.