Wednesday, 22 August 2007

I Got My "CALL"!

I have been waiting and waiting, dreaming, hoping, praying, loosing hope, hoping again... checking the boards, checking my email...This was during the looongest weekend of my life! I entered the Memory Maker's Masters for the first time not really hoping to win but to at least be able to tell myself that I tried. But as the day of the scheduled announcement camer nearer, I realized that I really wanted this so much!

The Memory Maker's Magazine was my first source of inspiration when I was starting scrapbooking and it was my dream to bear the title of MM "Master" one day.

On the night I got the call I was actually away from home. I called my Dad (yet again) to check if I got any calls and my Dad said - yes there was an overseas call for you!! So you can just imagine how frantic I was and I wanted to rush home at that time. I checked my mail, and there it was - a message from Patty!! In her email she was asking "are you there? I know there is a big time difference". So I emailed her back (and my internet connection was going crazy at this time) asking her : "Patty is this what I have been hoping and praying for? If you can,please call me at ...." And.. after a few minutes I received my "CALL" from none other than Patty Craft. She asked me if I was the one on the line and proceeded to tell me " I am calling to tell you that you have been selected as one of the 2008 Memory Makers Masters"! Wow!! I could not believe it! I was shaking! She was soooo nice! And then she told me, ok now I have to ask you this question "Do you accept the position of being one of the 2008 Memory Makers Masters?" I tell you, this was even more exciting than my husband's marriage proposal (shhh!) LOL! And I said: "YES! A thousand times YES".

Right now I am still in cloud nine. I am just so happy, thankful, and honored to have been given this opportunity. I still can't believe that I am deserving of this title - I really am not! I'm not a master of scrapbooking. But I do love this craft so much and it is a part of my life. I will just enjoy the year ahead and try my best to be worthy of the title. The previous masters said it was gonna be a wild and fun ride! I can't wait to begin the journey.

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Basic Grey Infuse at Scrapbukan

I love how this layout turned out. This is the new line of Basic Grey - Infuse. Please visit the site to see the other layouts created by my co-designers Ria and Pia.

Monday, 20 August 2007

Piggy Tales Reveal at Scraplovers

The sponsor for the August 20 reveal is Piggy Tales. This was the first time for me to work on Piggy Tales and is was difficult for me not being able to find patterns to cut up! LOL! But the colors were so pretty and I really liked how this one turned out.

Sunday, 19 August 2007

Tagged Again! Times Two!

Hi! Christine and Mia tagged me. Thanks Gals. Now I know this will be going around for some time, so I'm tagging: Joanne, Mia Castrillo, Donna, Cabbie, and Lee. With BOTH tags girls :)

Monday, 13 August 2007


Hey, we have one more reason to love FRIDAY! Starting this month, every Friday will be known as BAD GIRL PATROL. If you get caught with your Blinkie on you will be sent a RAK!!! You never know where the BAD GIRLS will be on PATROL! If one of the BAD GIRL DESIGNERS catches you, you will be notified and sent a special RAK!

Each one of us will be assigned a Friday where we will search for a girl with a blinkie in her siggy (two peas etc. and other sites that allow it) or on her blog. The girl found with the blinkie will be sent a special RAK.

My patrol starts soon so go grab your blinkes now.

Have FUN!

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

I'm Gonna Be BAD!!

Yep!! That's right! I'm gonna be a bad girl! Sounds wierd coming from me right. I can finally announce this in my blog now. I'm gonna be designing for! The kits are sooooo beautiful! Plus I love the work of Celia King who is the head DT. And the owner Wendy Rago scraps beautifully too!

The announcement has been made on the site
and there is a cute presentation of us at the blog.

When I saw the profile of the other designers I was shocked to find out that I'm in the company of such accomplished scrappers! Now I'm scared hehe. But it is an honor. I'm excited to start with the next kit.

Oh the poppit you see here is part of the presentation. They asked us to make one of ourself. Was trying to make one that looks a little more "bad" but it's just not me :)

Monday, 6 August 2007

Mad Cropper's Layout of the Week

I was surprised and pleased to find a note on my blog from Christine that my layout was chosen as:

August 4th, 2007
Mad Cropper’s Layout of the Week: Explore Photography

This is what she said:

This beautiful layout was created by the equally beautiful, Iris Babao Uy entitled “Explore Photography”.

I liked this layout for its focus on the scrapbooker and her passion: photography. Normally, scrapbookers create layouts for their loved ones but rarely about them so this is a salute to Iris for creating a layout that captures…HER

Products Used
Tinkering Ink Posh Line
Creative Immagination lined paper
7 gypsies card
various embellishments.
K. Pertiet Digital Frame (negative strip)

Here is the link:

Thank you Christine!

Wednesday, 1 August 2007


I had two great mornings in a row. 1st was yesterday when I received an email from the owner of a new kit club that they have selected me to be part of their design team. I was thrilled because I drool over their kits everytime I see their upload. And now I get to work with those beauties.

And this morning was the best. A week ago, I received an email from Patty Craft (editor of Memory Makers Magazine) asking a handful of ladies to create 8.5 x 11 LOs for consideration in the January 2008 cover of Memory Makers Magazine. I was thrilled, but when I saw the names of the other scrappers they wrote to, I thought to myself there was no chance I'm gonna be chosen. They also wrote to scrappers who have been published numerous times, and to the present Memory Makers Masters. But then I felt I owed it to Patty to at least try because she did me an honor already just by asking me to send a page.

The difficult part of the requirement though is that we had to work on a picture with happy face/ faces and with eye contact. I did not have much of those! Nicole hardly looks at the camera now. So Jeff and Pia comes to the rescue and we schedule a shoot at Tagaytay. Come scheduled shoot - the sky was dull and we did not get any shots of Nicole looking at the camera. Looks like I had no chance at all. So just to acknowledge Patty's letter, I worked on a couple of photos that I felt maybe would be ok and did my best despite the doubt that I could make a layout that would merit a cover page.

And this morning... Patty sent me an email that lifted me up - way way way up! They chose my LO! And it featured a picture of Me and Nicole taken a few days before she turned 2. I could hardly believe it. I was shrieking and calling out to them cause I wanted so bad to wake them up and share my good news! My husband and mom thought there was an emergency! LOL! And you know what my mom said ... "Ay sisikat na ang apo ko!" (My granddaughter is gonna be famous!!)LOL! I'm so happy and so thankful to Memory Makers for taking notice of me and for giving me a chance. But I can't share the page in any gallery. haha. Will have to wait till January next year. I just had to write down these thoughts and this was the place for me to do that. Thanks for reading this.