Wednesday, 8 August 2007

I'm Gonna Be BAD!!

Yep!! That's right! I'm gonna be a bad girl! Sounds wierd coming from me right. I can finally announce this in my blog now. I'm gonna be designing for! The kits are sooooo beautiful! Plus I love the work of Celia King who is the head DT. And the owner Wendy Rago scraps beautifully too!

The announcement has been made on the site
and there is a cute presentation of us at the blog.

When I saw the profile of the other designers I was shocked to find out that I'm in the company of such accomplished scrappers! Now I'm scared hehe. But it is an honor. I'm excited to start with the next kit.

Oh the poppit you see here is part of the presentation. They asked us to make one of ourself. Was trying to make one that looks a little more "bad" but it's just not me :)


Lilith said...

congrats Iris, but don't worry you're bad one way or another !


a little about me and my life said...

congrats girl!!!!

Zarah said...

Wow... Looking through your blog, browsing those amazing pieces of art, I can tell you this much; you have NOTHING to be scared of - they must be proud to have you!! :D

C70 said...

Congrats, Iris! Here's to more fabulous pages! :)

Cathy said...

Iris, you are to funny!

Are you really NEVER bad??? : )

Will you still be my friend when you become a household scrapbooking name???? : )


benga said...

Congrats Iris! more to come! the poppit is sooo cute!

AliciainAsheville said...

Congrats Iris! Your name is sure getting out there quickly!!!! I'm so happy for you!!!