Sunday, 14 October 2007

Scrapfest 4 was a BLAST!!

I am still overwhelmed whenever I take a look at the pictures from the previous scrapfest. I am amazed at how our community of scrappers have grown, and I am so impressed at the skill and creativity of the Filipina Scrapper. April, Liza, Joanne, Sienna, Ria, Pia did a great job in organizing the event. Our friends Kitkat, Mia, Maybs, Phylline, and Cabbie also helped with the preparations. The scrapfest would not have been as organized without their help. A scrapbook event that successful would not have been possible if it was put together for a purpose other than to promote the craft and the Filipino scrapper. I salute these ladies for their love of the craft and for their dreams for our community.

On a sad note, this will be the last scrapfest where we will have our friend Joanne Yap with us. She will be leaving for Australia soon. She has been very instrumental in the growth of our community and has been a constant source of strength for many scrappers. She will be missed.

Lastly, to all the winners in the challenge and our 1st ever Scrapfest Idol, Cabbie Lopez - congratulations!!! A well deserved win to everyone!

My blog has not been working the way it used to. I can't seem to post pictures now and I have a hard time visiting other blogs too. Hope to get this fixed soon. I will post pictures soon.


~Nancy~ said...

Hi there Iris!! Just wanted to stop by and say Hi! So happy to have found your blog with your beautiful work!! I was just reading the October and November issue of Memory Makers and saw your work in there!! You sooo rock!! Love your style!! XOXO Nancy

AliciaSharp said...

Glad you had a good time! I hope you get your computer fixed soon. I have so missed you coming by my blog! Hope you have a great week and cannot wait to see your pics!

croppin carla said...

Iris, looks like you girls had a fabulous time! Dont you love cropping with friends? My next adventure out is with Cathy the weekend of 11-9...cant wait!

Alana said...

HI! Just dropping a your scrapping rocks are an inspiration. Thanks for all the wonderful eye candy...Alana from Aussie..