Tuesday, 11 November 2008

2nd Christmas Workshop at Badgirls!!


It's that time of the year again! And Badgirls Kits has something really exciting and fun prepared for all of us scrappers this coming Christmas season. The Christmas Workshop is loaded with a lot of great classes and of course - really fantastic prizes!!

To help spread the news, Wendy will be giving out a
BLOG CANDY. We need help in spreading the news, and as a thank you we will draw one lucky winner who will get a 50$ gift certificate to the Bad Girls Store!! Just visit the link here to find out how you can participate.

You have until November 21st for this Blog Candy :)

Oh and here is a sneak peek of the class I will be teaching. It is something new that I think you will enjoy creating, and your little ones will enjoy going to every morning of the 12 days leading to Christmas!:)

Thank you :)


Renata Moni said...

I´m in!!! I can´t wait to see what you will teach!
Love everything you do!!!!

have a nice week!!!!


Linn said...

You are such a tease! :)
I am soo looking forward to this.

Sophia said...

Cannot wait to see what you have in store for us...

ania said...

Totally LOVELOVELOVE what you made for your class. GALS: DON'T MISS THIS!!!! :D

Carla said...

Oh wow that looks like alot of fun Irish......that sneak peak is so adorable.....cant wait to see more....hope everything is going well with you!

Mireille said...

the sneak looks lovely!
can't wait to see it!

Alicia Sharp said...

Can't wait to see your class and I will be there.

phamil said...

Oh Iris, I wanna see this entire project!!! And I already posted the Bad Girls blogcandy on my blog!!!!!!!

jonaks said...

this looks like a beautiful artwork again. can't wait to see it in full!

Lily said...

wow, i am intrigued. what a beautiful tidbit

Meg Giroux said...

I can't wait till it starts Iris! I finally get to take a class from Iris!!! YIPPEEE!

TraceyT said...

Now that looks like a fun class!!!

Maugo said...

Hello, your scraps are great :) It's inspiration for me.

Anonymous said...

Awesome girl , i cant even see the whole thing and i can tell its gorgeous, lol ....

AND..... 5 days to TWILIGHT !!!! Are you going ? I have a Twilight quiz one post down on my blog to see "what character you are", go on and do it !!

Michele H. said...

Iris...your peek looks absolutely gorgeous! Headed over to BGK site to check it out!! You are sooo amazing!

Anonymous said...

Hey Girl, come back and tell me what character you were !! LOL ....

Anonymous said...

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