Tuesday, 20 January 2009

October Afternoon Blog

The October Afternoon Blog is now live and there will be some fantastic prizes for grabs for the opening of the blog. Visit it here to find out how you can win some October Afternoon goodies.

The sneak peeks of the new products will begin soon so watch out for that.

I'm also giving away some October Afternoon Paper packs and sticker sheets from the Night Light and Good Cheer Line. Just post here what your favorite October Afternoon Line is and I'll pick two random winners on January 23. For Asian residents only please. Shipping anywhere outside Asia will take me forever and will cost more than the paper packs and stickers! LOL! Sorry. Hope you understand.


MyLittleTeapot said...

Good morning!!!

My favorite october afternoon line is Hometown Collection. Love the color combinations!!!

Thanks for the opportunity! Very nice of you to giveaway great RAKS!!!!

God Bless Always!
Keep Smilin


Aihara Ramintessah Sanchez said...

Hi.Like Lg I also love their Hometown collection. I am also drooling on Night Light Jack and paperpacks. You are too generous to share this to us. And lucky me I just live in Asia.LOL.Thanks.

Jingle said...

I really love Detours, but there are so many great lines!

Anne-Marie said...

I love the Hometown collection.. lovely colors there.

Thanks for the giveaway, Iris. Your work is sooo inspirational. :)

Sue said...

My absolute favourite October Afternoon collection is still the inaugural Country Fair collection. :)

Mia Castrillo said...

Hello Iris! I like the Daydream and the Country Fair lines. :-)

Majel said...

Hi, I like the Detours line because the red makes such a contrast with the rest of the color pallete, plus it matches most of the colors my son wears.

Weather vane is also interesting, and fall is my favorite season.

leira said...

I like Daydream and Hometown

yoyin said...

Hi, Iris. :)
I really love the Hometown line!! my favorite paper is "Norm's News" - I even subscribed to Studio Calico just so I could get it. teeheehee... :)

'twould really be nice to win the giveaway. :) thanks!!!

hugs to your lovely daughters. :) looks like the fertility dust is alive and well in SE/PS. hehehe... i'm 23 weeks pregnant na! :)

symbelly said...

Hi. I love the daydream line.

I like pink and blue, with brown.


ytet said...

Hi Iris, I like the weathervane collection. thanks for sharing, hope to win your RAK.

yyam said...

I love the Detours collection Iris! And Weather Vane is a close second. Can't wait to see the layouts you come up with:)
Thanks for the chance at a giveaway!

Chiqui said...

I love October Afternoon, esp Detours and Daydream.

Fabulous layouts as always!
Regards to your girls!

purplesea said...

hi iris! so nice of you to sponsor this RAK! they're all so nice... but if i have to pick just two it'll be the DETOUR and GOOD CHEER LINE. I've been wanting some Christmas themed papers.Thanks again!

salme said...

Hi Iris,

My favorite collections are Daydream and Detour. The colors and design are so yummy, it just entice you to hoard ermmmm scrap hehehe...

Thank you for the opportunity!

Liza said...

Hi Sis! Great to hear that they have a blog already. Love the Hometown Collection. I love the bright colors.

janis said...

Definitely Night Light (although I also like the Hometown and Weathervane collections) for my kiddie LOs. ;o)

jeanie nieva said...

my favorite so far is the detours line! thanks for a chance to play. :)

Timi O. Mercado said...

Hi Iris! What I love is their Hometown Collection.


Benga said...

I like the Night Light, but our LSS ran out of that line, I also like hometown and detours and weathervane hahhaha I like them all!!!

Whozz Me???... said...

My fav would be Hometown collection.... love the colors.....

Trace Geworsky said...

I am all about night light..it rocks!!!!!
Trace G

anna said...

hi ms iris,
so generous of you to share these lovely stuff!
i like the detours and hometown collections..but the day dream collection also has great color schemes that it makes me drool. :)
may u continue to inspire us with your awesome LOs.
thanks! :)

Aimee said...

Good morning Iris!

I love October Afternoon, esp the weathervane and detours collections :)


Kathy said...

Well, I love everything October Afternoon puts out, but one that I haven't gotten my hands on and absolutely adore is the Hometown collection. One of my faves!

dinah said...

hi sis!

i really like the weathervane & hometown lines!

see you soon!

BB said...

Yay! Another blog to add to my google reader! Heehee!

Gaye said...

It's Hometown & Detours collection for me! I love the color combination of both collection. =D

rowee said...

Good morning Iris!
I like the designs of Hometown and Daydream.

diane said...

Hello Iris! Thanks for the chance of winning!

I love the Daydream and the Country Fair lines of OA.

Miss you!

liliput said...

Hi Iris :)

I love everything about the Detours line! I also like the DayDream line, the blue-pink-brown-orange color combos. Also the Highlight which is cool for boy page. :)

Thanks for the chance :)

Pearl Rigonan said...

Hi Iris!

I like Weathervane :) I love the Crunching Leaves paper from that line!

Rachelle said...

Hi! Iris,
I like the color combinations, of night light and the detours.


Mia said...

Hi Iris! My favorite OA lines are Good Cheer & Hometown.


April Joy Lim said...

hello iris!

i like the detour and night light line. bagay sa pics ni david yung night light :) kasing kulit nya!

Cute#1 said...

Hi Iris, I love the colors of Daydream line.

bjay said...

weathervane collection, majorly! :)

Anonymous said...

daydream and hometown line are yummy!

ems fronda

the dreamer said...

Hi, Iris! Loving your latest layouts! Super inspiring. =)

I still love the Country Fair collection and have a pack I'm saving for a special project. My next fave would be the Weathervane collection. =)


jonaks said...

i loved the detours and hometown collection. so glad your back to online world again!

Playing with Dandelions said...

My favorite october afternoon line would be...

I can't choose. :P
But if you really really want me to choose, it would be:

Country Fair

(And the new CHA W'09 RELEASE!)
Last but not least, yay for asians! :P Hehe

Gracie Ann Tan said...

I'm loving the new Cherry Hill line. I saw the sneak peak at the October Afternoon blog. But I from the previous collections, I like the Weather Vane and Day Dream Collections.

sHerLy said...

hi iris! i like night light collection but my favorite is daydream collection! =) thanks for this rack!

And Congratulations to your new bundle of Joy! =)


zabeth said...

Hi Iris, Congratulations and Happy New year. I would like to have the new vintage collection of twittering birds lines.

Shyra said...

Hi Iris. Hope its not too late to say congratulations on your new born daughter!

My favourite from October Afternoon is definitely the Detours collection. I love the bright designs with a splash of cute-ness on the collection!

Thank you for the opportunity at your giveaway.. :)

Take care and hugs to your darling daughters!:)

tina said...

love the pink

Tessa said...

what jummy news from OA just love those

Priscilla said...

My absolute favourite is the very first Country Fair collection. I'm still hoarding stuff from that line!

Anonymous said...

The Night Light line came in handy as I was making mini-albums for my sons' friends to capture their sleep-over event :-) I love the Day Dream line too !!

KC said...

The Night Light line came in handy as I was making mini-albums for my sons' friends to capture their sleep-over event :-) I love the Day Dream line too !!

Ma. Theresa said...

I like the Daydream and the Detours collection. :)

Creative B Bee said...

Its really wonderful!!! Hope I am the lucky one to get these!!!

jing said...

hello hello

i will love to have the night line collections.

thanks you so much.

have a nice day.

Karen Co said...

Hi Iris

I like the country fair line :) congrats on your new baby :)


Anonymous said...

my favourite OA line is the DETOURS and DAYDREAM collection...gosh...can't control myself drooling over these collections! :(

It's very nice of you to offer us an opportunity for your giveaway great RAKS!

gwen said...

me me! i heart this collection so very much!

playfulmeowz said...

My fave OA line is Detours Collection, followed by Weathervane. I would love to win the give-away coz I have been trying to get hold of the papers for some time (sold out at the LSS and even online)!

Susie Tan said...

My favorite is Detours line ;-) Love the colors.

Thanks for the chance to win this RAK!

Lydia said...

HOHO...what a wonderful giveaway there. I'm loving the Detours and DayDream collection soooo much that I've used up my entire collection of those yummy stuffs!

Lynette C said...

My favorite OA line is Weather Vane collection. Love the color and the theme.

Joyleen Dianne Co Lim said...

Hello Iris.. Congrats on your baby!!
I like the Daydream Line! Nice!!

Kate said...

i love NIGHT LIGHT!! been using them for most of the LOs for my niece and nephew - super fun!!

XUSH said...

HOMETOWN rawks! thats my fav fav! thanks for organising this nice nice rak.... loved OA to bits!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the good cheer and hometown line!

Anonymous said...

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