Sunday, 10 June 2007


I am finally going to be published!! Yahooo! This has been my dream for so long and I almost made it last time for a Memory Makers Book where they chose three of my layouts, only to find out later on that the layouts should be never before seen pages. And that includes layouts posted on sites. I was dissapointed then but I knew that it was just not meant to be. After a few months, I received an email from Holly Davis, editor of Memory Makers Magazine and here it is:

Congratulations! Your layout, “Boyfriend,” has been selected to appear in the October 2007 issue of Memory Makers. Please go to and print off a contract for each page called in as well as a photo/model release for each person shown in your photograph(s).

I thought that was it, but then there were more emails from her that day, asking for more pages. In total she asked me to send in FIVE of my pages!!! I am sooooo thrilled!

The layouts for publication in the October special issue of Memory Makers are:
1. Boyfriend
2. Hands That Pray
3. Reflect (Beauty, Honor, and Truth)
4. Reflect (Touch of A Child's Hand)
5. Superstar

These pages were on twopeas as well as my website but I had to remove them first and will just put them back in once the magazine is out.
Compensation is $50 per page so that's $250 in scrap shopping money! wohohooo! Or better yet, I'll use it to pay off my scrapbook related bills. :( This is getting way too expensive and I have to find means to cut on expenses here.

Thank you God! God is so good.

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